Wow, did I get spanked for not posting yesterday!  I guess I didn’t turn my GPS tracking on like I thought. 
Got up in Licking, MO and the weather was PERFECT!  Did a dance around the parking lot and went off to car wash to wash the 250 miles of rain and mud off the bikes!  That took about two hours and finally hit the road around 1000 hrs.
This ride is sponsored by Bugslide Bike Cleaner. (not really, but don’t leave home without it!)
I think we ran everyone off!
Could not have asked for better weather.  Made it through “Tiger” corner as I call it where it got the best of “Gamecock Tommy” a few yrs ago without either one of us going down.  Just great roads all day long.  Due to the late start in Licking to wash the bikes, we got to Kansas City to the WWI Memorial a little later than planned. They close at 1700 hrs and the guy basically said we would be wasting our money to buy a ticket at 1530 hrs.  I was VERY disappointed in that. 
Herb was not impressed with my selection of roads.  A lot like my brother!
WWI Memorial
Sucked it up and went on over to Leavenworth, KS to spend the night.  Raj, at Days Inn was not very helpful with our reservation.  Basically said we need to go find other rooms.  I could only think that red dot on his forehead would make an excellent bulls eyes!
Finally found a place up the road about 20 miles his cousin Raul owned.  What a dump!  And I am being kind.  But, it was 1900 hrs and I was ready to be done!
I have to mention that we went by Leavenworth and all I could think about was the concertina wire around the ball field.  Like “what idiot would reach up for a ball on the fence line?”
Got up this morning and made excellent time from KS to Valentine, NE.  About 525 miles in just over eight hours.  I realized after looking at my GPS and my speedometer they are off 5 mph.  The bike was at 100 mph, the GPS said max speed was 95!  I’m going to work on that!
Great motel here in Valentine.  Met another CVMA brother from MO.  Between the three of us….66 years of AF time! Great meal and a few adult beverages were had!
Do you see a trend here?
Bugslide still keeping us clean!

Recapping some of the cities so far on the trip: 
I’ve been to Cairo, KY & MO, Paris, TN, Geneva, MO, Climax Springs, Pilots Knob, and my favorite….
Tightwad, MO!
Off tomorrow for the Badlands of South Dakota and Deadwood!  So far just over 1800 miles!
Tomorrow’s pictures should be a lot better!


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