Wow, how time has flown by since my trip last year.  I really need to retire so I can spend more time on my bike.
Well, this years trips takes us “up north, aye!”  Way up north!  All the way to Nova Scotia! My cohorts will be my brother Randy and his wife Marsha.  My friends DJ & Deb from WI, and my CVMA brother and friend Buckshot.  

Kickstands up for the NC contingency will be Saturday, July 12th. Our plan is to meet up with the rest of the group on Sunday, in Gettysburg.  I’m going to try and insert the general outlay of the trip.  Not sure if I can do that or not in the blog:

OK, time is quickly ticking down to ZERO LAUNCH!
I hope everyone is as excited as I am!  Looking forward to having DJ & Deb join us for the first time on one of our debacles! 
Just so we are all on the same page, let’s review:
Deb & DJ will depart WI on their own, I think DJ said on Friday.  They are visiting friends in OH before meeting the rest of the group in Gettysburg on Sunday.
The NC/AL group will depart Saturday/July 12 as to be in Gettysburg, PA
by noonish on Sunday/July 13th.  Our humble abode for that night will be:
Super 8/Gettysburg
869 York Rd
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-1400
Gettysburg stop will include the tour of the visitors center and the actual battlefield.

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  1. Hi Drifter!! Sherpa here. Be sure to add the diorama in G'burg to the itinerary. It lays out the three days of battle in a nice layout of the entire G'burg area and gives you a much better idea of the events that transpired. Jack

  2. Godd luck. Ride safe. Tip your hat at the Virginia Memorial: GG GrandDad was flag bearer there during Pickett's Charge. Lived to tell about it.Clark

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