Happy Man!

Well, spank my ass and call me happy!  I have finally got my password issues resolved!
Let’s play catch up for two days.  Left NC right on schedule. Caught up with my brother and sister-in-law.  And awayyyyyyy we went!
Logged in just at 400 miles the first day.  I have discovered a new road in West Virginia.  I’m nicknaming it: Deliverance Drive!
(aka WV Hwy 72) 
Once I get better internet service I will upload that video.  VERY interesting road! 
Got to Davis, WV for our digs that night.  I suggest if you need to stay in the area, DON’T stay at the ALPINE INN, and for sure, DON’T eat at the Sawmill Restaurant.  Marsha and Randy were served ice tea.  The waitress looks at me and says, “we don’t have any more clean glasses, you will have to wait!”  After two more tables were sat, and SERVED drinks, Randy finally went and said, “how about my brother’s water?”  It didn’t get any better after that!
Next morning up and at it around 830.  Stopped at a little diner on the way out of town.  Just the opposite of the night before.  Service was incredible.  Homemade sausage!
Day 2:
Today’s ride was taking us up to Flight #93 Memorial and then over to Gettysburg.  All  I can say about the Memorial, VERY SOBERING!  To actually see Todd Breamer’s name on the wall…WOW!  Patty, I will post some pictures tonight.
Weather was perfect for the ride in from there to Gettysburg.  Hwy 30 from Shanksville to Gettysburg was awesome.
Got to hotel, DJ & Deb were already here.  I said I would get us here at 1500…was here at 1503!  Buckshot rolled in around 1730.
Deb & DJ hit rain for about 45 mins first thing in the morning.  Then they had a good ride in.  Buckshot did about 500 miles to play catch up, but made it here all in one piece! 
Quiet night with a few beers and pizza in the room.  This morning…tour Gettysburg, Lancaster (Amish) lunch at Good & Plenty, ride by Yuengling in Pottsville and final destination will be Towanda, PA.  About 200 miles today.

We will depart Gettysburg for Amish country.  We will ride through,  Bird-in-the-Hand, Lancaster and my favorite, Intercourse, PA.
Remember…click on pics to enlarge!
Oh, my brother Randy likes a little Intercourse too!
 The plan is to have lunch at the “Good & Plenty” in Lancaster:
This stop will also include a visit to the Amish Market
After the stop to fill the bellies, and for both Deborah’s to fill what little space may have been left on DJ & Tank’s bikes (NO, I DON’T CARE IF I’M A BACHELOR…YOU CAN’T STORE CRAP ON MY BIKE)
…off we go….
KU…off to the metropolis of Towanda, PA and the
TOWANDA, PA  18848
Coincidence? I think not!  Park the bikes…wings and adult beverages will be in order.  Their pizza was good last time I was here!

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